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Israfil, Fae, Halete, Clair


Give me a character/pairing & I’ll give you a song!

Fucking dorks.

Elves and demon Leyn, he holds on to Tanma’s soul and he also gets to torture Grae down there. The demon thing is just a version where I still care about them though, if we’re talking actual-plot-wise, I’m pretty sure everyone dies and that’s that. Nothing wrong with a little fun though, I guess.

Sketches of Kaonashi; some anatomical references and species information. I’m too tired to explain anything right now, but expect an edit tomorrow (o L - )/~*

Character sketches and practice with fey stuff.

They’re doing the anime thing again.

Can’t decide whether Mathias killing Apollo or Artemis would result in more entertaining outcomes. Also I really want Israfil to lose an arm later on and then never be able to use his sword adequately again and feel useless and trapped for the rest of his life O v O*

I have absolutely zero desire to finish the comic, this is just a continuation of the angels and demons I had drawn out before.